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Number of players: 3/4 groups of 4/15 players in each group.

Preparation: Film songs on tape or live music.


Divide the number of players in to equal groups consiting of minimum 5/6 players in each group.

The organizer then directs the proceedings by asking each group to sing a song as per various rounds. Some hints about rounds are;

1. Normal - songs starting with the last letter are sung.

2. Tripple letter-songs with same letter repeated thrice is to be sung, eg. dil,dil,dil or pal,pal,pal.

3. Songs with names of eatables in it e.g samosa, bhelpuri, pan etc.

4. Songs with names of ornaments in them e.g, zumka, payal.

5. Songs with names of birds/animals in them e.g, tota maina ki kahani.

6. Songes for festivals, say holi, rakhi bandhan etc.

7. Title songs of movies.

8. Background songs.

9. Songs on theme, say doshti, dushmani etc.

10. Songs with numbers in them, say ek, do, teen etc.